Marketplace for the digital transformation of the proximity trade

Marketplace SaaS app iPhone & Android inc


The only marketplace specialized in the digital transformation of the local businesses

Digital transformation

Small produceres or neighbourhood grocery stores: greengrocers, shoe stores, florist shops... whatever you want.

Adapted solution

Choose the option you need. From a base platform to a complete service, including customer service, marketing, ecommerce manager etc.

Empower the vendor

Kiwi marketplace put the commerce and its brand ahead the product, what works out well against prices war.

Custom design

Your logos, images, colors both for web and apps.

Intermediary or distributed management

Kiwi is available for both generate a bussiness as intermediary thru commissions and for associations where each seller wins as much as he sells.

Full solution

Order tracking, app for orders seller management, statistics, blog; integration with Google, Facebook, Paypal, Stripe and much more.

Digital transformation

Digital revolution doe not wait, nor your competition. For that, we offer a platform that fits your desires, as customized as you want. We know that the key reside in being differente, that is why we put at your disposal the right tool you you can have a product custom-made.

  • Adapt to your clients and stand out from the competition.
  • Upload as much products as you want. You put the limit.
  • Ready to start selling. No waiting.

For the customer

The customer must be the king of your digital strategy. One of the common errors is not thinking in the end user's needs. Put your focus on it as a customer lost does not come back. The keys?

  • A fast and intuitive platform. Never let users get lost searching for something.
  • Show them what they want when they want..
  • Add all content you want.
  • Give a unique experience, web, iPhone or Android. Be the best